Sunday, August 14, 2005

Indian flag

I have come to India for a week on vacation. During my journey, I wondered what the significance of the Indian tricolor flag is. I vaguely remembered that we were taught in school that the saffron colour represents patriotism, white represents purity of heart and green represents agriculture. This explanation however didn't quite seem right.

According to me the most accurate explanation among many existent ones goes something like this - The tricolor came into existence as an indian symbol during the pre-indepence era. The most disturbing issue at that time apart from the manipulative british rule was the Hindu-Muslim riots. The flag thus represented peace between two major religions of India. Saffron represents Hinduism, green represents Islam and white represents peace between the two. The blue wheel was put after indepence to replace spinning wheel, which represented the beliefs of Mahatma Gandhi.


At 1:05 AM, Blogger Sunil said...

Nidhi, u r absolutely right. These r the hard realities but unfortunately these r not accepted publicially. I may tell u that most of the freedom fighters wanted "Bande Matram" to be made the national anthem of India but unfortunately, it was thought that perhaps it would not be acceptable to the conservative muslims as they regard "Mecca" only as their mother land.
U might have come across the recent supreme
court judgement in which they have ruled out the reservation in private professional colleges. But unfortunately, again the political expediency is dictating almost all political parties to negate this historic judgement by making an amendment in the constitution to pave way for continuance of such reservations.This is India'Yehan sab kutch chalta hai".


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