Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Life is like that

What is the purpose of one’s life on this planet, I have wondered numerous times. No, I am not a philosopher nor am I a pessimist. On the contrary, I am a fun loving person who is happy most of the times. I like to analyze things and hence the curiosity about something so basic.

One can define ‘purpose of life’ in a million ways and still be correct. Evolutionists like me argue that the purpose of life is simply to survive and reproduce. You see, evolution has shaped our senses in such a way as to maximize our chances for survival. It is kind of a matrix, where we perceive the world as the evolution has programmed us to do. Take the example of a bacteria, which peceives its surroundings as hot or cold, dark or bright because that is sufficient information for its survival.

If you think about it, the “real world” might actually be very different from how we perceive it. We do have a wider understanding of our surroundings than a bacteria has but we can't even fathom what we are not seeing. It is well known that we cannot see extremely small objects like microorganisms nor can we see objects moving with the speed of light. It is also known that our sight and hearing is limited to a narrow bandwidth. Still, we will never know the implications of what the nature has hidden from us.

I must admit that this is a very depressing thought. But I also believe in Mahatma Gandhi’s ideology that although human mind has limited potential, one must use it wisely for the betterment of herself (himself) and the whole society. So my purpose of life is just that. Then again I might be blinded by evolution in my definition of “betterment” but that’s the best I can do.


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At 3:06 AM, Blogger observer said...

Nice article.

But who do you think is happier? One who ponders about the impossible question on what the purpose of life is, or one who just sets a purpose for himself or herself and sticks to it without bothering about the bigger questions.

At 12:43 AM, Blogger roohani said...

Hey nice article.
ever thought why some people around the world leave everything(the material pleasures)in search of God. taking birth as human beings is not just for earning money or to reproduce,thses are all worldly pleasures,it satisfies our bodily need,which one day has to perish when we die,but what never dies is our soul.that's why we should always try to do something which enriches our soul and uplift it spiritually.what we need to understand is that this world is an illusion,we need to differentiate unreal from real,come out of this illusion and head for our true purpose of life.its only when you have a pure soul you are in unity with the universe, the God Almighty and the various mysteries of life open up to you.
God Bless!

At 9:34 AM, Blogger Tanu said...

I read Nidhi's ideas about the question she raise "what is the aim of our life"...

I must say i was v impressed by her extract. It definitely showed that her intellect is mature enough to question the one basic question that we all must ask but never do, for so used to are we to take the ways of life for granted that it never occurs to us to see beyond it.

I have in my life's journey seen very few who care enough to question. Would be glad to share views on this.

At 11:16 PM, Blogger Sunil said...

I don't think that the purpose of the life is "simply to survive and reproduce".If that is accepted then , perhaps there would be no difference betwen the humuans and animals. God or whosoever is the creator has made us as the most intelligent being of this creation.When we look at life we may notice that it swings between happy moments and sad oncs. In ultimate analysis one may notice that there are more sufferings in this world.Most of us have so called 'scientific temprament' and we test everthing on the touchstone of 'principles of science' Unfortunately, we fail to recognise that these principles are also im-perfect and do undergo change. Nothing in this world is absolute truth and everthing prishes sooner or later. Science is nothing but study of matter and it can not percieve anything which is beyond matter. Our scriptures tell us that soul and God are not matter. So how can there existance be explained by scientific laws. There have been and still are persons who claim that they have realised God and tell us that the real purpose of the humuan beings is "God realisation' and free ourself from the circles of death and re-births. But , only a few tread on the path shown by the saints.

You have raised a very fundamental question which baffles all of us.
Keep asking such questions and also answering the same.


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