Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My paradise

When life comes to a standstill
And everything starts to go down the hill
I look up at the skies
and think of a place I call paradise

When there is uncertainty staring me in the face
And I can't keep up with the life's pace
All I have to do is close my eyes
and think of a place I call paradise

Everytime I need my feelings to vent
and I can't find a friend to confide,
it acts as a balm on my emotional dent
and I find solace in my paradise

Umpteenth times it has helped me heal
Everytime it has restored my zeal
The love and warmth can cure any vice
Oh! I so look forward to visiting my paradise

I would like to make one last confession
that it is my most precious possession
and I know I will always be welcome
at the paradise that is my parental home

As you would be able to tell I am not a poet. But I am so elated at the thought of visiting home next week that I had to pen my feelings.