Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I am leaving Singapore for two years to pursue MBA at IIM Ahmedabad. This change brings with it a mix of excitement, fear and apprehensions. The poem describes my state of mind right now.

As the date of my departure nears
and I prepare to leave Singapore
I am reminded of the eight years
that have brought me experiences galore

As I sit here, scared to let go
and I reminisce the days gone by
I realize how much I have come to grow
the thought almost drives me to cry

Eight years full of joy and sorrow
Eight years full of friends and fun
I have a strong desire to borrow
a few more days of Singapore sun

I can’t thank you enough Singapore
for you introduced me to my husband
he has given me true love and more
and he fits the description of a best friend

Now that I have to leave all this behind
In the search of something greater that I might find
I wonder if it’s worth it to go through this grind
And whether staying back would be more peaceful for the mind

Despite my apprehensions I know I have to leave
Distancing myself from the social net I took eight years to weave
I hope two years down the lane I will have nothing to regret
If for nothing else, I would be happy for all the people I would have met

So here I bid you farewell with a deep sigh
Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye